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We are Princeton Electric Speedboating, a student-run lab at Princeton University dedicated to the creation and viability of electric boats. Founded in August 2020 by six Princeton University Juniors, our team mission is to prove the viability and feasibility of electric boats in a gas-dominated boating/marine industry.

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A Letter from the Team


We here at Princeton Electric Speedboating are eternally grateful to the opportunities we've been given to learn, improve, and grow as engineers and students of the world. Our experiences, which have been made possible only through the incredible generosity of those around us, have allowed us to begin our paths to contribute to engineering, science, and the betterment of humanity.

Our hope is that in our continued growth we will create and share an experience with those of us who will come after for many years to come. We are building a team which shares the vision of thankfulness and industriousness and to that extent, we hope to have your support as well!

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- Princeton Electric Speedboating

- Princeton Electric Speedboating

- Princeton Electric Speedboating

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